Charley Hoffman
Presidents Cup team member (2017) and PGA Tour winner - Deutsche Bank Championship, Bob Hope Chrysler Classic.
"Eric Meeks is a very a accomplished professional golfer, playing on professional golf tours all over the world. There is no question in my mind that he could help any golfer with their game, no matter if you’re a beginner or pro."

Dennis Paulson
PGA Tour winner - Buick Classic.
2nd place finishes in the Canadian Open, Nissan Open and Buick Classic.
Former National Long Drive Champion
Currently an XM Radio PGA Announcer
"I've known Eric for almost 30 years. He knows the game and he knows the swing. If you work with him, you will get better."

Bernie Nicholls
3 time NHL All-Star, 18 year playing career, 1127 games played 1209 points scored, 1 of 8 players to score 70 goals in a season and 1 of 5 to score 150 points in a season.
"I have known Eric since 1988 while I was playing with the Kings, since then we have played many rounds of golf together. Just watching him play has helped me with my game. He not only can play the game at a very high level, he also has a great understanding of the golf swing."


What students are saying:

Arturo G.
"I took a lesson from Eric about two months ago in Vegas. I was hitting 100+ and now I’m around 90 thanks to the things Eric taught me."

Jim R.
"Thanks Eric. Great lesson.
Long story short: I am excited to feel my swing coming together. Thanks again - I think working with you is the opportunity of a golfing lifetime for me."

John D.
"Thanks Eric, for the golf lessons you gave us last week. Since then, I have been out a couple of times and my putting has really improved, today I shot a 75. In the next couple of weeks, I am going to be spending a lot of time at the driving range working on some of the things you showed us. Again thanks for the lessons."

Joe B.
"Hi Eric,
I can't thank you enough for your instruction. You are a great teacher, very patient and kind. I am working hard and really starting to get it and playing great. My irons are getting deadly straight, even in the strong West Texas wind. Kelly and I just booked a return trip to Vegas. I hope you will be around for another 5 lessons. Thanks again for everything!!"

Cory B.
Thanks for all the help! I shot my lowest round of the year today thanks to the advice you gave me. I'll see you in a few weeks for more lessons. "

Michael A.
I greatly enjoyed my time benefitting from your instructive and inspiring lessons over the past 3 days - you really do have a gift in getting the enigmatic and ethereal science/art of hitting that ball to be comprehensible to the hopeless hacker! So MANY THANKS."